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Social Action Program

The Social Action Program is the raison d'être of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital, which believes in the life and health of people. Throughout its 92 years of existence, it has facilitated access to comprehensive health care for populations with cultural, geographic and socioeconomic vulnerability factors.

"You shall love your neighbor as yourself". Matthew 22:39
The great lesson of love that moves everything we do.

Our work in figures

Between 2017 and 2021, 22,430 medical consultations were facilitated, benefiting more than 9,500 people. Most of this population is made up of women, heads of household, caregivers of children or dependent adults. In addition, they generally do not have health insurance, have little schooling, are unemployed or work in the informal sector, and have few support networks.

dental procedures Social Action Program -Hospital Clínica Bíblica
Social Action Program Hospital Clínica Bíblica
MAMMOGRAMS Social Action Program - Hospital Clínica Bíblica
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Medical Consultations Social Action Program - Hospital Clínica Bíblica
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PAcientes de Psicología Acción Social Hospital Clínica Bíblica
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Who are we and why do we do it?

We are a non-profit organization that allocates a large part of its profits to programs and projects inside and outside the Hospital, through its Social Action Program.

We demonstrate God's love through our actions that reflect Christian principles and values.


We are a network of hospital services committed to the Christian principles on which it was founded, innovative and dedicated to strengthening the Social Action programs in favor of those most in need.

A social promise we have kept for more than 92 years

The mission that gave birth to the Clínica Bíblica Hospital 92 years ago remains valid to this day as our raison d'être.

Acción Social - Hospital Clínica Bíblica

The services and initiatives facilitated by the Social Action Program, the raison d'être of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital, are carried out under a model of co-responsibilities, in which the patient is a key stakeholder in generating a change in his physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. 

The Comprehensive Service we provide

We develop programs that contribute to the social promotion and integral wellbeing of people living in conditions of socioeconomic vulnerability.

Through our Social Action Program, we permanently carry out health promotion projects:

  • Care and education in medical services.
  • Social strengthening of the family.
  • Emotional support.
  • Spiritual support and counseling.
  • Community support.
  • Early detection of breast cancer.
Acción Social - Hospital Clínica Bíblica
Social strengthening of the family

We provide guidance and counseling to families, through the design and follow-up of a family plan.

This allows them to know and access the rights and duties they have as citizens. They are given a guide, so that they can self-manage the different social support networks that our country has and with this promote the social development of the family.

Thanks to your contribution

By using our services, you help vulnerable populations throughout the country to have access to health care and thus positively impact their quality of life.


  • Address: Adjacent to the main building of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital in San José.
  • Phone: 2522-1000 Ext.: 1581
  • E-mail: accionsocial@clinicabiblica.com

Mobile Mammography Unit

The Social Action Program believes in the lives of women and the importance of their work in Costa Rican society. For this reason, it considers that caring for women's health is of utmost importance.

Breast cancer ranks first in mortality and second in incidence in the female population, which is why the Program has decided to direct its efforts to the early detection of this tumor through mammograms.

The initiative of creating a Mobile Mammography Unit is achieved through the alliance of public and private organizations, which are supportive of women's health, making this work of great social interest for the country. Among them are the Costa Rican Social Security Fund, Automercado, and the ALIARSE Foundation.

The operation of the Mobile Unit began in May 2012, and since then has registered more than 9,000 breast exams, covering about 30 communities throughout the country.

Now, by 2022, about 5,500 women across the country will be able to access this preventive study to know their breast health.

The mammography technology allows transferring the images taken directly to the digital files of the social security. This makes it easier for the treating physician to obtain the results and, if necessary, the respective follow-up.

"For the Clínica Bíblica Hospital it is of utmost importance to contribute to the promotion of health in Costa Rica, providing access and equity to those who need it most, through its Social Action Program. Especially, this 2022, with the equipment and operation of the mobile, which adds directly to the route of recovery of non-covid-19 health services, such as early detection of breast cancer," said Laura Brenes, director of the Social Action Program.

In 2022, the Clínica Bíblica Hospital, through its Social Action Program, will continue to strengthen the development of social projects focused on providing access and equity to health, in favor of people living in socioeconomic, cultural, or geographic vulnerability.

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