Life Sciences Center for Innovation - Hospital Clínica Bíblica

Transcending Health through Innovation

The Life Sciences Center for innovation of the Clinica Biblica Hospital is an incubator and accelerator of entrepreneurship and projects, where ideas and concepts become a reality.

The Life Sciences Center for innovation believes in national talent

The Life Sciences Center for Innovation (LSCFI) opens the doors to the disruptive ideas of the technological revolution.

The Clínica Bíblica Hospital will make available its hospital infrastructure and the prestige it has achieved for almost a century at regional and global levels.

"The LSCFI is a whole ecosystem of open innovation, where we provide support through the innovation journey to the entire life sciences to join this project in order to change and impact the lives of millions of people." Stated Dr. Jose Enrique Camacho Mora, Head of Research and Teaching at Hospital Clinica Biblica and current Director of the Center states.

The purpose of the LSCFI is "Transcending Health through Innovation", seeking solutions that leverage (or integrate) from the eight disruptive technologies of the technological revolution.

  • Biotechnology
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Robotics
  • 3D printing
  • Internet of medical things (IoMT
  • Biotechnology
  • Sensors
  • Drones
"What differentiates the center is the support and follow-up from the conception of the idea to its implementation in the market, including clinical research", 
explained Dr. José Enrique Camacho. 

How does it work?

The entrepreneur or creator of a new concept must fill out a form in order to participate, and this will in turn go through a project evaluation process. "We will accept ventures or companies that require an incubation and acceleration process to develop their idea as well as people who have not started at all", added the director.

Likewise, the doors will be open to organizations in the field of Life Sciences with the objective of joining efforts and offering solid sources of capital for national talent.

The benefits of biomedical research in Costa Rica include the development of new medical knowledge, as well as better and more advanced forms of health promotion.

But above all, an early identification of diseases and their respective treatment, always for the benefit of the patient.

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