Llámenos 24/7 - Hospital Clínica Bíblica
Llámenos 24/7 - Hospital Clínica Bíblica

Clinical Laboratory

At the laboratory of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital, we look to a future of innovation and integrated quality through the use of clinical trials, continuous education and investigations that help the doctor make clinical decisions and monitor his patients with confidence in the high quality of the laboratory analyses.

The Clinical Laboratory operates 24 hours a day throughout the whole year; we e-mail the results when requested by the patient or the doctor.

Accredited according to the international standard ISO 15189.


We are located on the Cabezas López building, main floor.

Through the years the laboratory of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital has built a culture of high work quality considered to be the best, the best at the professional level. The laboratory of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital has the best microbiologists, specialized in every area of work (Hematology, Immunohematology, Bacteriology, Clinical Chemistry and Molecular Biology), with vast experience at the clinical level, as well as the best technical personnel, at your service for any consultation.

These trained personnel have helped us to grow in different areas to a highly specialized level, acquiring the best equipment of state-of-the-art technology available today for the process of analysis.

Accreditations received, like Standard of Clinical Laboratory ISO 15189:2007:(Particular Requirements for quality and competence of Clinical laboratories), plus the international certification of the Joint Commission International, and our system of quality with precise and trusted results throughout many years of implementation have won the confidence of our patients and doctors.

For this reason and many others the Laboratory of the Clínica Bíblica Hospital continues to be considered the best laboratory in the country and has an excellent international reputation for giving the best service.

Quality Policy of the Clinical Laboratory

We work to satisfy the needs of our clients through rapid and efficient attention supported by valid results. We commit ourselves to personnel training and to the continual improvement of our processes and services of quality. We search for leadership in all the areas which we perform on the national level, in accordance with reference standards, in harmony with occupational health and environmental protection.

Quality Control

The Program of Quality Control, developed in all sections, has given this department high reliability in terms of reported results, which provide the doctors with real information for the diagnosis and treatment of their patients. The laboratory never emits results if the quality controls are not within the desired ranges. This is of crucial importance.

We are inscribed in the Randox International Quality Assessment Scheme, RIQAS, with headquarters in Belfast, Northern Ireland, United Kingdom. Every 15 days our controls are evaluated in the Chemical Clinic, Hematology and Immunology and the results are received in 24 hours by electronic transmission, thus making it possible to carry out the necessary adjustments in the shortest time possible.

Internal Control is also conducted in all departments on a daily basis. In the Chemical Clinic, other than the RIQAS program, the inter-laboratorial program, Quality Control BioRad, is used daily to enable us to make evaluations and comparisons worldwide with the other laboratories using this system.

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