General and Ambulatory Surgery

In these areas attention is given to the surgical and post-surgical patient in coordination with the different multidisciplinary services of the hospital.

General and Ambulatory Surgery - Clínica Bíblica, Costa Rica


The Cabezas Lopez Surgery rooms are located in the Cabezas Lopez Building, fifth floor. The Dr. Cameron Surgery surgery rooms are located in the Strachan Building, main floor.

The nursing staff has more than 25 years of experience and continues training in the most advanced procedures of surgical techniques.

There are two areas available:

  • The Cabezas Lopez Surgery, located on the fifth floor of the Cabezas Lopez Building, has five operating rooms equipped to perform surgical procedures of all types, especially major surgery.
  • The Dra. Cameron Surgery, located on the first floor of the Strachan Building, has six operating rooms in which various types of procedures are performed, with priority for ambulatory surgery.

In general, the operating rooms offer laparoscopic surgery, using an integrated operating room or a laparoscopic tower. The ENDOEYE HD and the recording of surgeries are available.

Also orthopedic procedures are carried out: most frequently joint replacements of the hip and knee, and osteosynthesis of the hip, femur, shin, ankle, radius, and collarbone.

The necessary equipment is available to carry out procedures on the cervical and lumber spine, instrumentation, laminectomy and arthrodesis. There are handles compatible with saline solution for use in endoscopic procedures of urology and gynecology. Cardiac surgery is carried out also on adults and children (valve replacement and coronary bypass).

Consult our plans for laparoscopy, minimally invasive cholecystectomy, appendectomy and hernioplastic surgery, bariatric surgery (gastric sleeve and gastric bypass), and also plans for joint replacement of the hip and knee and plans for the transurethral resection of the prostate with saline solution (TURP).

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Insurance and payment methods for outpatient, inpatient and surgical services

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