Customer Service Quality Assurance Office
(Office of the Comptroller of Services)

The Clínica Bíblica Hospital complies with the current regulations of Law 8239 and the Regulations of the Law of Rights and Duties of Users of Public and Private Health Services governed by the General Health Audit Office, Ministry of Health of Costa Rica.

Any individual or organization may submit complaints, disagreements, queries, suggestions or compliments, to the Customer Services office regarding the provision of services provided by the Clínica Bíblica Hospital, or on the actions of officials in the performance of their duties, when those actions directly or indirectly affect the services. The complaints may be submitted to the Customer Services Quality Assurance Office with full confidentiality or secrecy of the identity of the person submitting the complaint.

How can you provide feedback on the services provided by the Clínica Bíblica Hospital?

1. Through the Website:

You may do it by filling out the following form:

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2. In person:

By contacting the Office of the Comptroller of Services, located on the third floor of the Cabezas López building in San José.

3. Suggestions box:

Dropping the completed form in the suggestion box located in the different buildings at either the San José and the Santa Ana clinics.

4. Email address:

Contact us at

5. Telephone:

2522-1455 y 2522-1456 (Appointments cannot be scheduled by calling these phone numbers)

Business hours:

Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.